Twin Towns to "Schöfferstadt Gernsheim"

Gernsheim fosters a variety of Contacts to other Cities and interchanges with its two partners Bar sur Aube and Swiecie.
The basis for both partnerships was initialized by the Gymnasium Gernsheim with schools in the other cities. Gernsheims clubs’ and organisations’ Members who are a solid foundation in the interchange have built this Friendship

Bar-sur-Aube (France)
Since 1976 Bar sur Aube is Gernsheims twin town and has about 5400 inhabitants and is headcity of Arrondissements Bar-sur-Aube which belongs to the Département Aube (named by the river Aube) and the region Champagne Ardenne. Bar sur Aube is 207 Kilometers away from paris and 52 Kilometers fromTroyes.
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Swiecie (Poland)

Swiecie became Gernsheims Twin town in 2011.
Swiecie and Gernsheim are twin towns since 2011. The City has a rural community in the polish Woidwodschaft Kujawien-Pommern that shares a name with it. Head of the Powiats Swiecki is also located in Swiecie. The City covers a total of 25,600 km² and has 33,053 Inhabitants. Swiecie is nestled in the mouth of two rivers Wda and Vistula, 40 km north from Bydgoszcz and 105 km south of Gdansk.

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